Price update

Quick and clear changes (prices are found on
each image) Shelf arrangements that prevent
inaccuracies on product price tags synchronized
with the back office and cash register (regular
and special offer prices) prevents overlapping and
irrelevant price tags.

This also creates a neat shelf
appearance (all of the above are very common
occurrences)enables the adaptation of tag sizes
according to the number of SKUs “Adaptive visual
utilization” featureenables real-time updates of
messages and price changes in every desirable
form and with maximum flexibility efficient and
effective:saves on human resources in terms of
management & replacements both at the sign
station and with respect to the employees that
attend the shelves.

Saves on printing material expenses, prevents special offer signs from falling, and thus prevents losses anduncleanliness on shelves and branch floors.

Intelligent shelving system

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