Smart Shelves in Retail

The Modern Retail Market

Week after week, they print hundreds if not thousands of physical signs for various promotions and assign payroll weeks in advance to put these signs on shelves, only to find out minutes later that they have already been obsoleted by aggressive pricing online or, worse, just fallen off the shelves entirely because little Timmy came by and knocked them all off while shopping for groceries with his mother.


The worldwide retail market requires attractive digitization of the experience in white space, digitization that is customer-friendly and for management: digital smart shelf management system, assists in product management in branches.
The system warns of declining product availability on the
shelves, updates prices and product locations, targeted
advertising, information, messaging and more.
And everything happens in real time!!
A correct and accurate meeting under one roof.

The Spotlight On “The Trillion-Dollar Black Hole”
Of On-Shelf Availability Many grocery executives had essentially capitulated to the problem and accepted this on-shelf availability (OSA) problem as the operational norm. It had become so accepted that insiders have coined a phase to refer to the problem – “THE TRILLION-DOLLAR BLACKHOLE.”


The shelving system provides a shopping experience that is innovative interactive dynamic and colorful!
The market demands digitization of the experience in the white space, for userfriendly digitization that benefits the customer.
Large and clear digital price tags with a product image next to the product: It is convenient to understand the prices of products. Prominent price tags for promotions that benefit the customer and are close to and
below the product.
Video advertising: A pleasing visual to the eye and a fun shopping experience. Messages about the benefits of a product or information relevant to it: local produce /values Nutritional/harmless to the environment, etc.
Exposing the customer to emerging trends in retail Receive content conveniently for club members on the digital screen.

The system provides an extensive infrastructure for additional applications and technologies that Algorax continues to develop.Management can choose to expand the system according to its needs.
The entire system; retail insights; software capabilities and upgrades; infrastructure and cyber protection deployment capabilities; teleprocessing and control capabilities maintained by a single organization under a single roof; promising reliability and effectiveness with respect to services and maintenance; constant system improvements.

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