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Algorax, a high-tech company is developing solutions, in wide range, for retail sector including Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Shelves

Smart Digital Product Management System


The contemporary retail market needs an attractive and smart digital shelving system that will assist in managing store products, providing data and conveying messages to customers as needed.
For the retailer, the system allows online control as well as monitoring, reinforcing product planogram, simple operation for entire product location aspects, pricing, advertising and client messages.

Smart Shelves provide a modern shopping experience while remaining attractive & client focused, This allows a competitive advantage, making it easier to reach full potential in marketing and sales.

Main System Components

Management and control system

• Simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
• Dynamic Planogram.ה • Full control of the planogram - remotely or from the shelf position (via permission)With the help of a portable termina.
• Interface with existing systems.
• Management of updating prices and promotions.
• On shelf availability alert.
• Free advertisements and texts.
• Update product placement.
• Data collection.
• The system transmits continuously with backups and cladding on each component.
• The system knows how to interface with the network’s back office and is optimally protected.
• Online update of all system operations in any desired form and with maximum flexibility.

Digital shelves screens

LCD screens tailored to existing supermarket shelves.
• Each screen includes a microprocessor for wireless communications.
• Clear presentation of product images, prices and barcodes on digital screens.
• Ad videos and free texts can be presented according to the chain’s policy.
• Heavy-duty: protection against physical damage whenever a product is removed.
• The screens are protected against physical impact caused by carts and products. The lifespan of each screen is 50,000 hours (ten years).
• Simple maintenance – all parts are removable and easily replaceable.

Wireless / wired communication system

• Secure communication, survival and backup.
• Based on point to multi point architecture from the AP access point to the endpoints. • Each AP point supports 120 endpoints (screens).
• Hidden wireless communication that is not visible to customers.
• Automatic load balancing mechanism.
• WEB interface support, secure in a standard direction, secure in the DB direction of the branch.
• Two-way updates between the branch’s DB and the smart shelving system.

Remote management/operating software

Product management system at the shelf position

Attractive shopping experience

Wireless network to support device connectivity, monitors, controllers

• Always on Maintain your network with no disruption • Optimal user experience Get contextual insights to troubleshoot faster and deliver personalized experiences • Secure your network with simplified segmentationsegmentation, and detect encrypted threats • Deploy your wireless network on premises or in the cloud. Manage it with Central Management Center or programmable APIs.

So what's the whole point?

ALGORAX brings you the easy way to manage store inventory and a very attractive shopping experience for the customers

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